Innovative Products !!
More than 55,000 Antibodies.
Lentiviral Technology.
RNAi Libraries.
Stem cell Research tools.
Precursor clone collection.
Pooled micro RNA Library.
Tissue micro arrays.
Magnetofactor Transfection.
Cellaxes automated Transfection and screening system.
Automated patch clamping and Ion channel screening system.
Custom Services
  • Immunohistochemistry Studies
  • Standard Immunohistochemistry services
  • Custom Antibody Production
  • Standard histology/ pathology and imaging services
  • Custom Tissue micro array assembly
  • Tissue cross reactivity screening services
  • Individual Gene reports
  • Drug target database subscription
  • Custom Lentivector cloning service( shRNA, cDNA, microRNA and Transcription reporter constructs)
  • Express Lentiviral packaging service
  • Custom MicroRNA sevice
  • Custom RNAi Libraries
  • Custom reporter cell lines
  • Custom Morpholino oligos
  • Custom Peptide services
  • Custom Protein services
  • Custom Molecular Biology services ( Gene synthesis, PCR cloning and Subcloning, Mutagensis, Mutant Libraries, Plasmid preparation, siRNA and miRNA, KI/KO Vector construction, Expression vector construction, Large Scale DNA sequencing)
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