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» More than 55,000 Antibodies.
» Lentiviral Technology.
» RNAi Libraries.
» Stem cell Research tools.
» Precursor clone collection.
» Pooled micro RNA Library.
» Tissue micro arrays.
» Magnetofactor Transfection.
» Cellaxes automated Transfection and screening system.
» Automated patch clamping and Ion channel screening system.

Dynaflow®HT microfluidic ion channel screening platform : the world's first APC technology enabling high throughput screening of all kinds of ion channels - voltage gated or ligand gated. Fully automated, the Dynaflow®HT has a throughput exceeding all existing APC systems - at a very competitive running cost. Rapid compound exchange enables highly complex perfusion protocols, gives superior data quality, and reduces compound usage.

Dynaflow Pro II System:High quality automated patch clamping: The Dynaflow Pro II System turns your existing patch clamp rig into a flexible electrophysiology system compatible with any cell type, any receptor and any patch clamp configuration. The Dynaflow system can be used for all kinds of ion channel research ranging from pharmacology to novel approaches in biotechnology. Dynaflow enables fast and complete solution exchange (ms) with low consumption of compounds (µl).

Dynaflow TC® System :The Dynaflow Temperature Control System enables reliable and fast ion channel recordings at controlled temperatures. With an operating range from ambient to 45°C the Dynaflow TC® System is an add-on to the Dynaflow Pro II system and is ideal for hERG screening. Temperature controlled patch clamp experiments are greatly simplified with the Dynaflow®TC system.

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