Innovative Products !!
» More than 55,000 Antibodies.
» Lentiviral Technology.
» RNAi Libraries.
» Stem cell Research tools.
» Precursor clone collection.
» Pooled micro RNA Library.
» Tissue micro arrays.
» Magnetofactor Transfection.
» Cellaxes automated Transfection and screening system.
» Automated patch clamping and Ion channel screening system.

Largest collection of antibodies. More than 55,000 of Monoclonal and Polyclonal antibodies available. Immunohistochemistry Validated Antibodies Available too.

Antibodies category’s include: Adhesion, Akt Signaling, Apoptosis, Autophagy, Bacteria, Ca, cAMP & Lipid Signaling, Cancer, Cardiovascular, Cell Adhesion, Cell Cycle, Cell Surface Molecules, Channel Proteins, Chemokines, Cytoskeletal Signaling, Developmental Biology, DNA Damage, Fusion Protein Tags, GDP/ GTP Binding, Genetic Disease Marker, Glucose Metabolism, Growth Factor, Homeodomain proteins, Hormones, Immunology, Infectious disease, JAK/Stat pathway, Kinases, Lymphocyte Signaling, MAPK Signaling, Membrane Receptors, Neuroscience, NF-kB Signaling, Nuclear Receptors, Nuclear Signaling, Oncoproteins, Phosphatase, Phosphatases, Phospho- Specific Antibodies, Proteases, Protein folding & stability, Signaling intermediates, stem cell markers, steroid Receptors, Structural Proteins, TGF-beta/Smad Signaling, Transcription Factors, Transcription Regulators, Transport and Trafficking Proteins Viruses, Wnt/ Hedgehog/ Notch Proteins.

Reactive Oxygen Species ( ROS ) Signaling, Serum Protein, Yeast antibodies, Specialized antibodies like Adeno virus Hexon, DUSP 3, Oxydation specific, Phospo, STEP/ PTPN 5, TAG, UCHL1/3 .


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