Innovative Products !!
More than 55,000 Antibodies.
Lentiviral Technology.
RNAi Libraries.
Stem cell Research tools.
Precursor clone collection.
Pooled micro RNA Library.
Tissue micro arrays.
Magnetofactor Transfection.
Cellaxes automated Transfection and screening system.
Automated patch clamping and Ion channel screening system.

Plasmid Extraction:

Plasmid mini kit, Plasmid midi kit, Plasmid maxi kit, 96-well Plasmid mini kit, Plasmid Binding Column, Plasmid midi/maxi column.

Fragment DNA Extraction:

Gel / PCR DNA extraction kit, 96-well Gel/PCR DNA extraction kit, Fragment DNA Binding Column.

Genomic DNA Extraction:

Reagent Genomic DNA kit, Genomic DNA Mini(Blood /Culture cell/ Bacteria)Kit, Genomic DNA mini(tissue) kit, Genomic DNA mini(plant) kit, Genomic DNA maxi (Fresh Blood )Kit, Genomic DNA maxi(Frozen Blood )kit, Genomic DNA kit, Genomic DNA Binding Column.

RNA Extraction Kits:

Total RNA Mini(Blood/Culture cell/ Bacteria) Kit, RNA mini(Tissue) Kit, Total RNA mini(Plant)Kit, RNA Maxi(Blood/Culture Cell/ Tissue kit, RNA Maxi (Plant)Kit, RNA Binding Column.

Viral Nucleic Acid Extraction:

Viral Nucleic Acid Mini Kit, 96 well Viral Nucleic acid mini Kit.

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