Innovative Products !!
More than 55,000 Antibodies.
Lentiviral Technology.
RNAi Libraries.
Stem cell Research tools.
Precursor clone collection.
Pooled micro RNA Library.
Tissue micro arrays.
Magnetofactor Transfection.
Cellaxes automated Transfection and screening system.
Automated patch clamping and Ion channel screening system.

Magnetofection: is a novel, simple and highly efficient method to transfect cells in culture with novel nano particle Polymag and Combimag.

Biomagnetic separation for antibodies or protein to high affinity targets like cells, bacteria or DNA/RNA.

Magnetic micro particles:

  1. siMAG- basic for purification of DNA/RNA; adsorption of biomolecules; isolation of basic proteins.
  2. siMAG/MP- DNA for automatic purification of DNA/RNA.
  3. siMAG Ionex for separation of antibodies, proteins or peptides
  4. siMAG- HYDROPHOBE for separation of proteins, peptides and enzymes
  5. siMAG- ACTIVE for activated particles for custom-made covalent binding of biological substances
  6. siMAG- AFFINITY for Affinity chromatography
  7. Magnetic Hydroxyl apatite for purification of proteins, antibodies, DNA/RNA
  8. Bead Mag for purification of DNA-binding proteins or basic proteins, such as lysozymes
Magnetic fluorescent micro particles:

  1. Screen MAG active, for Magnetic separation and fluorescence identification of targets.
  2. Screen MAG affinity for Affinity chromatography.
Magnetic nano particles:
  1. Fluid MAG - for cell separation, MRI diagnosis, Magnetic Drug Targeting
  2. Fluid MAG- Affinity for Affinity chromatography
Magnetic fluorescent nano particle:
  1. Nanoscreen MAG for Magnetic separation, Labeling and fluorescence detection.
  2. Nanoscreen MAG Affinity for Affinity chromatography and fluorescence detection.
Magnetic Separation plates :
Magnetopure, Magnetopure Big size, Magnetopure 96, Magnetopure flask.

DNA RNA Purification (Bio magnet separation):

Gene MAG- DNA/ Blood , DNA/ Meat, DNA/Saliva, Plasmid DNA, RNA/DNA, PCR, SEQUENCE

PEG Derivatives:

PEGYlation reagents without any organic solvents without toxic agents.

  • Check our Equipment division for Novel Platforms for Highly efficient tranfection systems and High Throughput RNAi and cDNA screening systems
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